Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cultural Tour #3

Our third outing organize by CUHK was to Ocean Park. I was under the impression that this was a water park and targeted mostly towards little kids. Turns out that it is more of a zoo like attraction with a couple of rides and shows.

My friend from HK was super excited every time she talked about Ocean Park... But that was back when we were in middle school... But nevertheless I'm glad I went because it is a major tourist attraction in HK.Relative to the other cultural tours, very few people went to ocean park with us; it was only two tour buses as opposed to 10 for the first cultural tour. A lot of people began to travel to other countries for the weekend so that's probably another reason there were so few of us today. We had the option of going to either Ocean Park today with no extra charge or go to HK Disneyland for an extra $100HKD. Honestly $100HKD is really nothing but we preferred to go to Ocean Park instead.

It was actually a miserable looking day but that didn't bother us much. The lines were much shorter than a sunny day's would be. And for the most part the skies were threatening and not really raining.

My friends and I followed the road from one end of the park to the other to try to cover as much of the park as possible. We saw animals first then went on the cable car to go to the part of the park with the rides.

We then had lunch at the terrace cafe. It was pricey but it had seating and we were really hungry by that point.

After lunch we hit the roller coasters. If you are expecting sixflags-like coasters you're gonna be disappointed. The rides weren't really scary at all... In fact there were old people lining up for rides left and right! Lol. But it was my first time going on a ride that swung you upside down for a couple of seconds... Kinda like that pirate boat ride... Yeah... I'm sure you know what I'm talking about :p

Lastly we hit the souvenir shops cause I was dying to buy something cute!! There were pandas galore and I'm a sucker for cute stuff >_<

Overall it was a good day with my girls. We went to eat in Shatin afterwards. Oh and last bit of info! There is no bus taking you back to CUHK!! Which means you have as much time as you like but that also means you gotta find your way back :(

But its no prob! There's a bus outside of the park that takes you right back to Central and from there the MTR will take you back to University Station :)



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