Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cultural Tour #1

For every Saturday while studying at CUHK, there are organized trips for students to sightsee HK. It’s a great time to go out with those students you know are in your hall but you haven’t hung out with them yet. Our first one was the Hong Kong Tour.

Meet up time is at 9am in the lobby for Kuo Mou students and New Asia parking lot for Daisy Li/Grace Tien. They say 9am but the buses actually came at 9:30am -__-;;

First Stop: Avenue of the Stars
It was quite hot out today so sunscreen and shades are a must. If you wanna be Asian (which is obviously acceptable here) you can whip out your umbrella to shade you from the rays. If you don’t have your own then make good friends with someone who has one cause umbrellas > sunnies.

Avenue of the stars is a strip hugging the harbor that’s lined with stars on the floor with famous actors and actresses names and handprints. Most of them were Asian so I was like ehh. There’s also a bruce lee statue that everyone likes to take pictures with.

Second Stop: Lunch at Tack Hsin Restaurant
It was supposed to be dimsum because this restaurant is famous for its dimsum, but we just got regular lunch. My girls and I got a table of our own so no awkward moments there :)

Third Stop: Stanlet Market
This was nothing special to me. It's definitely for the tourist looking for cheap goods. Maybe it is because I can't bargain to save my life so its very frustrating to shop here. Honestly the vendors don't give you a very big discount but it makes you feel better even if you only get 10HKD off your stuff. when in doubt say "wahhh so expensive! I am only a college student with no money!"

Fourth Stop: Victoria Peak
This is the highest point in HK. If you are lucky it will be a clear day and you can see the pretty skyline. The tour drove us up to the peak so you miss out on the famous tram ride up. My girls and I actually went to the peak the day before so we got to take the tram up and go to Madame Tussaud's. I suggest if it's your first time here then take the tram, you get to see the buildings look like they are at a 45 degree angle!

We were supposed to go to Repluse Bay but I guess we did not have enough time to go visit. I'm hoping to make a day trip there since it's such a well known beach here!


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