Friday, June 24, 2011


hello there! :)

i do believe im the first one to write on the blog for HK so lemme introduce myself

my name is andrea
double major business and sociology and going into my junior year

i have a passion for travelling. fun fact: ive been to every continent except antartica :) but i have never travelled by myself before as well as study abroad. my cousin has been on two study abroad trips already and she loved them both.

why study abroad? because its fun AND productive! you work on your credits on weekdays and spend time relaxing with your new friends on weekends :)

why HK? because the three days i spent here a few years back wasnt enough! lol. well, i hope to improve my chinese here; not just by taking classes but by immersing myself in the language by using it on a daily basis. i hope to go sightseeing. and, well who am i kidding, im gonna do a little shopping here too!

and guess flying in less than 12 hrs!
i have an 11am flight out to HKG (with one short layover) and if all goes well ill land at around 7:20pm HK time.
im super anxious but super excited as well

im gonna post again once i get settled down in my dormroom

thanks for reading :)


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