Monday, June 27, 2011

first impressions

Hello again :)
I arrived safely into HK at 8:20pm yesterday
It's been a day but ive already made plenty of first impressions

Buses: They are pretty awesome. It was only 22.30HKD to get to Shatin. Very convenient and direct

MTR: Hectic! But less complicated than NYC subway system. My auntie and I got off at the Shatin bus stop then took the MTR to CUHK. Only two stops away and it's not as crowded as other lines.

University: big. the campus is pretty much on the side of a mountain so theres a lot of uphill walking. the campus bus comes every 20mins depending on what time it is, so thats more convenient than walking.

dorms: basic. its corridor style with a kitchen in the middle. each room has 2 sets of beds, closets and desks. the site made it sound like its lower than average, but in my opinion its not that different from stonys. and the water pressure in the showers are AMAZING. its much better than school and even back at home!

floormates: superawesome!! while i was unpacking some of them came by and introduced themselves. then today we spent the whole day together. i suggest you get to know your floormates to enchance your study abroad experience.

its only been a day but i realized there are essential items to have on hand:
1. octopus card
much more convenient than paying cash for mtr. plus you can use it to pay for goods at some places
2. tissues
if its not high end places you are going to you better have napkins/tissues. same goes for bathrooms. and it gets really humid out so you use it to wipe of the sweat LOL
3. shopping bag
when you go to the street markets you can just toss it into your own bag. plus some places charge you for plastic bags so bring your own and save ~$.50 each time :)


ps another fun fact: i love to snack :D
we went to the supermarket today so we could stock up on food. my bag came out to around 82hkd which is only like 11 bucks. yay snacks~!

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